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Greyhounds Executive welcome Sharon Evans  as their new Jumps Coach.  


Sharon has been a member of the Greyhounds since 2014 and competes in sprints and jumps.  When first approached and asked if she would consider coaching, Sharon was “intrigued”.  She asked herself:

"Why would I want to coach"? I take great pleasure in supporting others’ goals and interests, and in sharing information with them that might be helpful. ..Read More

 Cancer Survivor Speaks out on 55+ Games “30 Rule


Last year cancer survivor Don McLean participated in his first ever BC 55+ Games.  In his words, it was “such a charge”. When he told other cancer survivors of his experience, he believed "they [would be} motivated to become more active.”  The 30 Rule “contradicts the concept" he envisioned regarding the value of participation in the games.  It "does not encourage novice individuals such as myself to get involved and in fact pulls the welcome mat out from under us.”  Read more. 

See below for Zone Coordinators opposition to 30 Rule.  

See also Harold’s take on “30 Rule”.

Greyhounds participate in Vancouver Sun Run

10985585 Arthur at the Finish

Considering the huge numbers of runners in the Sun Run, (39,046 participants) our Greyhounds did extremely well.

Lynette Baldock  50.30 5th  in W65-69

Iqbal Purewal 54.09 M60-64

Renate Cheetham 1:15.38 3rd in W75-79

Frances Steinfeld 1:22.18 9th in W75-79

Arthur Gee 1:10.58 M70-74 (see Photo)

Coach Harold: "Hello Greyhounds” - April 20  

BC Seniors Games 2010 003

On April 11,  we had our Greyhounds' 2015 AGM.

Our new executive is:

President - Urith Hayley

Vice President - Al Percival

Secretary - Marie Johnson

Treasurer - Deborah Lee…more

See also Weekly Workouts for today’s (Saturday’s workout).

Previous messages from Harold

Coach Sam’s tip for week of April 27 


I direct this tip to myself, mainly because this past weekend I was definitely not prepared for the heavy rain (and hail) we endured on Saturday.

Note to self: If rain is expected, bring some extra clothes.  If you don’t wear them, you just have a heavier bag to lug around.  No big deal!

Aside from regular training, preparation for competition day also begins a couple days in advance.…” More… 

Note: Practice locations in Weekly Workouts.

Previous tips from Sam 

Coach Sharon’s Plan for the Spring


Good morning jumpers of a certain vintage;

One quick thing, if there are any jumpers with the club who are currently not getting my little emails, and want to – please let me know who and I can get their email address from Coach Harold or Urith.  … More  

Zone Coordinators Oppose Participation limits for 55+ Games

The 55+ Games Society aims to limit participation in the Games’ Track and Field competition to 30 men and 30 women per zone.  Zone 3 Coordinator Harold Morioka asked the 11 other Zone Coordinators to weigh in on this issue.  A strong majority of the coordinators opposed the '30 rule' and favored an approach that would maximize participation in keeping with the the Mission and Legacy of the Games…read more 

Also, see full text of Zone Coordinators’ take on the Games’ “30 Rule”.

Latest Results:

Mar. 21, 2015 - Ocean Athletics All Comers in White Rock (link)

Mar. 14-15, 2015 - Canadian Indoor in Toronto (link)

Feb. 13-15, 2015 - BC Masters’ Indoor in Kamloops

Feb. 7, 2015 - Harry Jerome Indoor in Richmond

Image from March 21 All Comers in White Rock


Jorge ran the 800M in 3:10 at White Rock

Photo finish in Toronto 2015:


Roy and Al in dramatic finish of M60 60M Sunday in Toronto

Next Meets:

  • Apr. 25, 2015 - South Fraser T & F Meet in Surrey
  • Apr. 26, 2015 - Hayward Classic in Eugene, OR
  • May 15-17 - Kamloops Centennial Meet


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