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On our website, follow us through our year round program.  Meet our coaches Harold Morioka and Sam Walker. Pick up on their tips of the week.  Hear Harold tell the story of his career as one of Canada’s elite masters level sprinters. See us in action at club, provincial, national and international Track and Field Meets.  Contact us.  Join us if you wish.  See "The Harold Morioka Story


Coach Sam’s tip for this week:

Entering in to an event with a positive mindset is crucial to your end performance.  Before your race, visualize the entire race (or portions of it) and how you will run that race. Have a plan.  Any issues you have when visualizing the aspects of the race, may result in the same challenges you may have in competition. Make sure to relax and tell yourself that you are capable!  You are well trained!  You are strong and fast and YES . . . You CAN do this!


Lori Graham Strikes Gold at BC Sr. Games

Lori Graham (W55-59) of the Greyhounds struck gold for Zone 3 at the BC Senior Games in Langley, helping Zone 3 rise to the top of the leader board in Track and Field. Lori won gold in four events: Discus, Shot Put, Hammer Throw and Weight Pentathlon; and added silver in three events: 400M, 800M and the 5000M Power Walk.  


Lori Graham wins gold in the W55 Shot Put with a throw of 5.71 M


Lori Graham and Joyce Essex  celebrate on the podium

Greyhounds compete in Washington State

Harold Morioka reports on Washington State Senior games:

"We had 3 Greyhounds compete in the Washington State Senior Games.  Unlike the BC Seniors Games, the Washington Games are open to non-State athletes.

Al Percival ran sub-13 seconds in the 100M and sub-27 seconds in the 200M at the same meet.  Although he finished 2nd in these events, he was extremely close to their perennial State Champion.  In the 50M, he won gold with a time of 7.10s, narrowly defeating the State Champion who crossed the line in 7.11s.

Lori Graham (W55) won 2 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze and set a BC RECORD in the 5000m Race Walk!  She won gold in the 1500m Race Walk with a time of 12:17.67s and a gold in the 5000m Race Walk in a BC record time of 40:35.0s.  Her 2 silvers were in the 100m and 200m, her bronze in the 50m.  She also finished 4th in the Hammer Throw."

4 Greyhounds medal in Toronto

Harold Morioka reports on the Canadian Masters Championships held in Toronto July 6-7: 

“Four of our Greyhounds travelled to Toronto to compete in the Canadian Championships and all four won medals!

Sewa Birring won gold in all three of his events: the 100M in 14.13 (0.7), the 200M in 29.18 (1.2) and the 400M in 1:08.32. Surinder Shah won gold in the 400M in a great time of (1.11.55) and bronze in the 200M (31.72 -0.8).  Jorge Woods won bronze in the 200M (30.28  +2.9).  Bakhshish Dhillon won four gold and one silver: gold in the Throws Pentathlon, gold in the Shot Put, gold in the Discus, gold in the Weight Throw and silver in the Hammer.”


Sewa Birring in Lane 7  takes the lead in the M65 100M


Surinder Shah wins gold in the M70 400M


Jorge Woods wins a Bronze in the M55 200M 

Interested in joining the Greyhounds??? 

Contact Coach Harold Morioka <>  or Coach Sam Walker <samtherunnin'>.

Upcoming Workouts with Harold and Sam

Sam has posted the base workouts for the week of July 20.  Workouts may be modified to accommodate individual needs and fitness levels.  To view workouts, click here: Week of July 20.

Coach Dave McDonald Announces Throws Practice Schedule for July and August

Dave has released his Throws Practice Schedule for July and August.  See Dave’s Training Schedule.


Coach Dave McDonald competing at 2014 Langley Invitational

Upcoming Meets for The Greyhounds

Sept 9-13 - BC Seniors Games in Langley

Oct. 6-8 -    Huntsman Sr. Games in St. George, Utah

Upcoming Practices for The Greyhounds

For the months of August and September, the team will practice Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:30am to noon.  The Tuesday practice will be held in Coquitlam, the Thursday practice in North Surrey and the Saturday practice in North Surrey.  Coach Sam holds practices in Langley  on Monday and Wednesday evenings for those who have day jobs.  Coach McDonald holds weekly throws practices at various venues.

For more details on the Greyhound practice schedules, contact Harold Morioka or Sam Walker or Dave McDonald or go to the Schedules page of this website.

Morioka Year Round Sprint Training Program

A few years ago, Harold wrote up his ideas on year round training for sprinters. In Part 1, he outlines the components of sprint training; in Part 2, he gives examples of workouts for each component; and, in Part 3, he offers an overview of the structure of a year round sprint training program.  

For more, see Sprint Training with Harold Morioka.


Greyhounds do warm-up drills at 2014 mid-June practice

Latest Meet Results:

July 11-13, 2014 - Canadian Masters Championships (link)

July 5-6, 2014 - Trevor Craven Memorial (link)

June 29, 2014 - Hayward Classic in Eugene (link)

June 27-29, 2014 - BC Masters Outdoor in Kelowna (link)

June 13-15, 2014 - Langley Invitational (Masters Only)

May 16-18, 2014 - Kamloops Centennial Meet (link)

April 26, 2014 - South Fraser Meet


Training Tip from Track Star USA

The tip is that the Butt Kick sprinting drill teaches bad running form and should be replaced with High Knee Butt Kicks.  

For more details, see: Butt Kick Tip or:

Training Video on Cheetah Sprint Start

Coach Barr shares via Youtube info on his Cheetah Sprint Start. This start is not a block start but allows a smooth, efficient start with a push off the ground.

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