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Coach Harold’s tip for week of Nov. 24

BC Seniors Games 2010 003

"For sprinters running 100 metres, 200 metres or even 400 metres, it’s important not only  to have speed, but also know how to control it. When a sprinter thinks that the 100 metres is a short sprint, it tempts the sprinter to try too hard to keep running faster, especially in the last half of the race. But even in this shortest (100 metres) of the sprint races, it is too far to run full blast without breaking down or losing form. As unlikely as it seems in this short distance, relaxation and patience are very important to be a good sprinter. In the longer sprints it becomes even more important to maintain relaxation in order to maintain speed and conserve energy."  More...

Coach Sam’s tip for week of Nov. 24 


"Running DOES Gets Easier. Work it into your lifestyle and commit not only to the sport, but to yourself. Seriously evaluate yourself and understand that your age, level of fitness and weight will all be determining factors on what you may be capable of doing currrently.  Do what you can do for YOU.  There will be moments when you run that you will experience fatigue and wish to stop.  At those moments you must continue to push on.  Set goals, be determined and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Make it a lifestyle choice.  Its yours to make!"

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BCA Announces Masters Athletes of the Year

BC Athletics has announced its “Masters Athlete of the Year” award winners for 2014.  Two Greyhounds were among the winners:  Dave McDonald (M60) won the Male Field Athlete of the Year and Olga Kotelko (W95) won the Female Field Athlete of the Year.  Al Percival was on the short list for the Male Track Athlete of the Year and Lenore Montgomery was on the short list for the Female Road Runner Athlete of the Year.  Congratulations to Dave, Al, Lenore and the late Olga Kotelko.  Dave and Olga will be honoured at the BCA Awards Banquet on December 6th.

Charanjit Dhanoa Donates $500 to Club

Charanjit Danoa, another friend of Sewa Birring's, has donated $500 to the Greyhounds towards the purchase of a high jump pit.  This pit will be stored at our practice site in North Surrey and be available for regularly scheduled high jump practice.  Thank you, Charanjit, for your timely gift.   Other donors have stepped forward in recent months including Mark Phillips, Eric Torin and Al & Joyce Essex.  Thank you, one and all, for your gifts.


Charanjit  (2nd from R) poses with Dave McDonald (L), Sewa Birring (2nd from L) and Harold 

Santokh Dhesi Donates to Greyhounds 

Santokh Dhesi, a friend of Greyhound Sewa Birring, has generously donated a storage container to the club and has arranged for it to be located on site at North Surrey High School.  "This will be a milestone for the club,” Coach Morioka says, "enabling us to store equipment on site and offer high jump training.”  Thank you, Sewa for introducing the Greyhounds to your friend, Santokh, and thank you, Santokh, for your most generous gift.

photo 2

Coach Morioka, Santokh Dhesi (m.) and Sewa Birring at meeting with Surrey First Party

Sewa Birring Lobbies for Indoor Track 

Sewa Birring, for years one of Canada’s elite masters sprinters, put the case to Surrey First council candidates for the construction of a world class indoor track and field facility for Surrey.  In his speech, Sewa offered to donate $100, 000 to help pay the cost of construction.  Harold Morioka, coach of the Greyhounds, and Urith Hayley, secretary/treasurer of the Greyhounds also spoke in support of  the track, arguing that it would bring athletes from across Canada and around the world to compete in the only world class indoor running track in the Lower Mainland.  Build it, Sewa, Harold & Urith say, and they will come. 

Upcoming Meets for The Greyhounds

Feb. 13-15, 2015 -    BC Indoor Championships in Kamloops

Upcoming Practices for The Greyhounds

Monday, Nov. 24 - Langley 7pm (with Sam)

Tuesday, Nov. 25 - Guildford Rec Centre 10am

Wednesday, Nov. 26 - Langley 7pm (with Sam)

Thursday, Nov. 27 - Guildford Rec Centre 10am

Saturday, Nov. 28 - SFU 10am

Latest Meet Results:

October 6-8 - Huntsman World Masters Games in St. George (link)

September 9-13 - BC Senior Games (link)

July 11-13, 2014 - Canadian Masters Championships (link)


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